logoCancer Treatments

The Department of Urology treats the spectrum of male and female urological conditions, including cancers, using the most advanced cancer treatment therapies available.

Kidney Stone Treatments

Kidney stone treatment includes waiting for a kidney stone to pass on its own without intervention (spontaneous passage). If observation is not indicated or the stone does not pass within 2-3 weeks, then intervention becomes necessary.

Female Urology Treatments

Our Urology physicians have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating female urology disorders. We offer a variety of non-operative therapies and minimally invasive procedures.

Men’s Health Treatments

Men face a unique set of health issues that we provide treatments for through the Men’s Health program of the at UTFB. Common conditions treated by our Men’s Health program include, erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculations, enlarged prostate, and elevated PSA.

Urological Reconstruction and Transsexuals 

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Urology and Transplantation Foundation of Bangladesh