Hematuria clinic

What are the facts 

  • The commonest cause of blood in the urine in the  is infection, stone, Tumor of Urinary tract
  • In young age infection and stone is the commonest cause
  • In elderly age the commonest cause of Blood in Urine is Bladder cancer , Kidney cancer or Ureteric cancer or prostate cancer.
  • Proven blood in the urine, whether visible or non-visible (found on a urine test), should always be investigated
  • 1 in 5 adults with visible blood in the urine and 1 in 12 adults with non-visible blood in the urine are subsequently discovered to have bladder cancer
  • Children with blood in the urine rarely have cancer – they usually have infection in the bladder or inflammation of their kidneys (nephritis)
  • Finding of a small trace of blood in the urine on routine testing may not be significant
  • Some drugs (e.g. rifampicin, nitrofurantoin) and foodstuffs (e.g. beetroot) can turn the urine red

This organization is keen and committed to evaluate all cases of Hematuria and provide appropriate treatment
Initial test for basic evaluation may include:
1. Urine RE CS Cytology
2. US Scan of Urinary Tract
3. Flexi cystocsopy This is a telescopic check of the bladder. It is performed under antibiotic cover & local anaesthetic using a small, flexible telescope which allows the clinic doctor to see inside your bladder.
4. CT Urogram


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