Urologic Diseases and Conditions We Treat at UTFB

Our team diagnoses and treats the full range of adult and pediatric urologic diseases and conditions, such as:

Specialized Urology Treatment Programs at UTFB

In addition to providing clinical urology services, the UTFB Department of Urology’s specialty treatment programs and centers include:

  • Urological Comprehensive Care Program
    This patient-centered treatment approach streamlines continuity of care, from admission to surgery to discharge.
  • Comprehensive Urologic Cancer Treatment
    UTFB hospital urologic surgeons have expertise in the surgical management of prostate and urologic cancers.
  • UTFB GU Reconstructive Center
    This multidisciplinary center is a tertiary center, provides long-term treatment for people who have abnormalities in urethra or genital tract or urinary tract in male female and kids
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